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Bridge aluminum doors and windows are used very widely in the family or office or mall, which can be seen everywhere. Bridge aluminum doors and windows have many advantages and the price is not expensive so that they are popular. Now we introduce technical performance and requirements of Bridge aluminum doors and windows to you: 

1. Bridge aluminum doors and windows have good thermal insulation performance. The inside and outside frames of thermal isolation profiles are combined softly. The edge is three-seal form with an adhesive tape and double tops and so they can be tightly closed with good airtight, watertight and thermal isolation performances. The sash is hollow glass structure so that windows really show soundproof, heat insulation and functional excellence to substantially save heating and cooling costs. The heat transfer coefficient K is below 2.23-2.94w/2K with remarkable energy saving effect, and energy costs of several years are enough to make up the early investment.

2.Waterproof function of Bridge aluminum doors and windows. Using the pressure balance principle, the drainage system is designed. The sliding design is slope step type with drainage outlet, smooth drainage and good water tightness.

3.Bridge aluminum doors and windows have three-seal structure, which can reasonably separate the vapor chamber, successfully implement air pressure and water pressure balance, and significantly improve the watertight and air tightness of doors and windows to reach the effect of bright windows.

4. Anti-mosquito screens design. Invisible screens can be installed inside or outside against anti-mosquitoes and flies, especially suitable for the area with more mosquitoes in the northern region.

5. Anti-thief and anti-loosening devices. Standard hardware locks are supplied to ensure the stability and security of windows in use.

6. Noise control and sound insulation. The structure was designed elaborately with tightjoints. The test results indicates the soundproof amount of air reaches 30 - 40db, which can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are free from noise and quiet cozy rooms can be ensured.

   7. Fireproof function.  Aluminum alloy is a kind of metal material; the insulation strip is made ​​of PA66 + GF25 (commonly known as nylon insulated strip), which does not burn, and has high temperature resistance.


     8. Anti-sand wind, wind pressure resistance. The hollow design is used for inner frame with strong anti-wind pressure deformation ability and good anti-vibration effect, which can be used for high-rise buildings and residential house with large windows and large area lighting; these windows have better air tightness than any aluminum, plastic window to ensure that the interior window sills and floors are free of dust in sandy areas.


     9. High strength, no deformation and maintenance-free. Bridge aluminum doors and windows have high tensile strength and shear strength to be able to withstand high heat distortion. Durable Bridge aluminum profiles are not susceptible to acid erosion, not easy to turn yellow or fade, and almost maintenancefree.


   10. Multicolor with excellent decorativeness. The different colors can be used in indoor and outdoor surfaces of the door and window to meet customer preferences for color effect and color space aesthetic, in line with the architect's individual design requirements. Streamlined aluminum profile has luxurious style.


   11. Green building materials, recycling and economy. Bridge aluminum doors and windows not only does not produce hazardous materials in the production process, but also all materials can be recycled and reused, which are green building materials and environmentally friendly products in line with human sustainable  development.  


   12. Multiple opening modes with comfortable and durable features. There are flat open, tilting inward, hanging type, push-pull, flat open and  tilting inward and composite modes, which can be used for public buildings, residential areas and public works. The quality hardware fittings are durable; the operating handle has user-friendly design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open flexibly. Each use action passes through tens of thousands of fatigue tests, and sliding is ease and silent. By sophisticated doors and windows processing technology, production is carried out by the high-precision process control machining center so that quality and stability is guaranteed.


   The highlight advantages of Bridge thermal insulation aluminum doors and windows include high strength, good thermal insulation, high rigidness, good fire resistance, large area lighting, atmospheric corrosion resistance, high performance, long life and good decorative effect. The high-grade Bridge thermal insulation aluminum doors and windows are the first choice for the high-end architectural windows.